Cash for Gold
Dental gold is valuable, and the process of selling dental gold is much easier than you may think.

How to Sell Dental Gold

Jun 23 2021

Many people know you can sell old jewelry to a precious metals refinery to make some extra cash. But some may be unaware you can also sell dental scrap to a refinery. So, how do Read Full Post

What’s the best place to sell dental gold? Selling scrap to a reputable precious metals refinery will ensure you get the maximum payouts.

The Best Place to Sell Dental Gold

Jun 07 2021

The precious metals value in dental scrap fluctuates according to commodity markets, but the value remains consistently high. So, what’s the best place to sell dental gold? Selling scrap to a reputable precious metals refinery Read Full Post


Why Dentists Use Precious Metals

Sep 04 2020

There are several reasons why dentists may use precious metals instead of other materials like zirconia or porcelain. For example, it’s significantly harder for oral bacteria to grow on gold. When it comes to materials Read Full Post

Yellow or Rose Gold: What Sells for More?

May 13 2020

When most people think of “gold”, they generally picture the traditional vibrant hue best associated with the California Gold Rush. Yet there are distinct shades of gold jewelry listed for sale, such as white or Read Full Post

Karat vs. Carat

May 12 2020

Karats and carats: they sound the same but are entirely unique. The karat (K) is the universal symbol used to signify the percentage of gold in jewelry. Carat (C), on the other hand, is used Read Full Post

Selling Gold to Buy Gold Coins

Oct 09 2014

Sell Your Gold for Gold Coins?As the dollar remains weak and the stock market trades precariously on its highs, investors may be tempted to indulge in bullion coins as a safe, and potentially profitable, haven. Read Full Post

Holiday Gold Giveaway Interview

May 12 2014

Garfield Refining is pleased to announce the winner of our Holiday Gold Giveaway Contest, Hillary W. of New York City. Hillary is the winner of one of several giveaways that Garfield Refining has planned throughout Read Full Post