How To Spot Fake Gold

Jan 31 2023

You get an old piece of jewelry passed down in your family and wonder, “Is this real gold?” There are plenty of metal alloys out there that appear like gold, so it’s a fair question Read Full Post

An asteroid

Is Gold Rare In Space?

Aug 25 2022

When you stare off into the night sky, do you ever think about gold? Here on Earth, we know gold is rare. It’s mined from the ground, processed in a gold refinery, and used to Read Full Post

Who was the First to Discover Gold?

Jan 18 2022

The story of gold is almost as old as the story of civilization itself. Since the birth of history, cultures have embraced gold for its aesthetic appeal and inherent functionality. But who were the first Read Full Post

Is there Gold in the North Pole?

Dec 22 2021

The North Pole is the farthest northern point on the globe, and it is also the fabled home of Santa Clause and his merry team of workshop elves. Existing in a geographical region known as Read Full Post

Will the Earth ever Run out of Gold?

Dec 08 2021

Gold is a commodity that has inspired and enthralled humans for most of recorded history. Wars have been fought and lost over the promise of gold. Today, it remains the symbol of wealth and success, Read Full Post