Women who Rock: Kendra Scott

Mar 05 2021

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) is celebrating women in the jewelry industry this month with its “March is Me” campaign. Garfield is a proud WJA member, and we’re participating in the campaign by highlighting the Read Full Post

California Gold Rush

Histories of Gold: The California Gold Rush

Dec 30 2020

The 19th century was nearly over: More than 300,000 people traveled to Northern California seeking their weight in gold. While some sailed around Chili or traversed the Isthmus of Panama, others journeyed across the Pacific Read Full Post


Why Dentists Use Precious Metals

Sep 04 2020

There are several reasons why dentists may use precious metals instead of other materials like zirconia or porcelain. For example, it’s significantly harder for oral bacteria to grow on gold. When it comes to materials Read Full Post