The History of the Gold Eagle

Jan 30 2014

When you think of America, a number of things spring to mind: The stars and stripes of the flag, baseball, and Mom’s apple pie.  But out of all of the icons of American spirit, perhaps Read Full Post

2013 Winner for Best Dental Refiner

Jan 24 2014

Proud Winner of the 2013 Dentaltown Magazine Townie Choice Award for Best Refiner Garfield Refining Company, an industry leader in the field of precious metal refining services, has won Dentaltown Magazine’s Townie Choice Award for a third Read Full Post

How to Ship and Send Gold Scrap

Sep 24 2013

Gold buyers are everywhere! When you are ready to sell your gold, it’s important to investigate your options to ensure you get paid the price you deserve. In-person buyers (like pawnshops or kiosks at the mall) Read Full Post

The Three Rs of Selling Gold Scrap!

Aug 01 2013

With gold prices today nearing all-time highs, it’s a great time to cash in on old, broken, or unwanted gold jewelry. Even small amounts of gold can bring in welcome cash, so it’s not doing Read Full Post

Being SAFE With Your Precious Metals

Jul 21 2013

Choosing the right safe to protect your precious metals is a serious undertaking and it’s worth doing a bit of research to find the security solution that’s right for you. While there’s no such thing Read Full Post

Gold and Precious Metals Storage Options

Jul 12 2013

Whatever form that they take — jewelry, coins, or bullion — your precious metals are, quite literally, treasures. Obviously, you want to keep your investment safe, secure, and in top condition. There are many security Read Full Post

Selling Gold Smartly

Jul 05 2013

It seems as if every time you turn on the television or radio there’s another commercial for “Cash for Old Jewelry” businesses, all clamoring to offer you money for any spare gold or silver you Read Full Post