Blog In the News: Garfield Wins “Best Dental Refiner” for 11th Straight Year

In the News: Garfield Wins “Best Dental Refiner” for 11th Straight Year

Garfield Refining is North America’s “Best Dental Scrap Refiner” once again. Dentaltown Magazine announced Garfield as the winner for the eleventh year in a row. Founded in 1892, Garfield Refining is a third-generation, family-owned precious metal refinery located in Philadelphia.

11 Outstanding Years

When this award category began in 2011 by Dentaltown Magazine, leading dental professionals throughout North America identified Garfield as the clear and undisputed winner. In the eleven years since, Garfield secured this award every year. The dental community continues to express its preference for Garfield as the industry-favorite refining partner.

This is not an accomplishment that Garfield takes lightly. Garfield’s history is a story of service. The Townie Choice Awards are how the dental industry recognizes its most-trusted partners. In the nearly 130 years since its inception, Garfield has served over one million loyal clients.

A Story of Service

Garfield’s commitment to service extends outside of the dental industry. Garfield is also known for providing refining services to jewelers, pawnbrokers, gold buyers, and private sellers. Garfield also donates a significant amount of time and resources to serving its community. Earlier in the year, Garfield was awarded the Corporate Steward Award by the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership for leading cleanup efforts in the surrounding community.

Moving Forward

“It is with tremendous pride and gratitude that Garfield Refining accepts this award,” says Garfield Refining CEO Morgan Kerrissey. “Garfield moves into the new year aiming for a second decade of demonstrated excellence, with the same commitment to providing its customers with the industry’s most incredible dental refining solutions.”

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