Our History




For more than 130 years, Garfield Refining has been one of America’s favorite gold & precious metal refineries. We began our journey in 1892 originally under the name Eastern Smelting.

The Garfield family purchased the company in 1928, and we’ve been family-owned and operated ever since. Read about our proud history and check out the timeline below!


Historic Roots

Eastern Smelting was founded in 1892 by Isaac Garfield. The refinery was housed in a small office in downtown Philadelphia. The company was bought out and rebranded as Garfield Smelting and Refining in 1928.


Growth In The 1930s

Despite the Great Depression, Garfield’s business expanded in the 1930s. The company moved in 1932 into a warehouse at South 18th street in Philadelphia, a building better equipped for a refinery’s industrial needs. In addition to recovering precious metals, Garfield was for many years also a silverware manufacturer. The company maintained Garfield’s Antique Silver until 1951.


Re-Location & Modernization

Philadelphia decided to build a new convention center in 1976. The Reading Convention Center site was selected as the location, making Garfield’s HQ the epicenter of what’s now the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Garfield became the first business to be relocated by the city. Matthew Garfield, who took over as CEO in 1981, led the company through the subsequent re-location process. In 1985, we moved to our current location at 810 E. Cayuga Street, and in the process, upgraded our melting and analytical capabilities.


Garfield Launches in Canada

Garfield launched dental refining services in Canada in 2014 and hired account executives that serve every Canadian province. As of 2021 Garfield has established its place as a preferred vendor for tens of thousands of dental practices across Canada.


Expansion to Australia

Garfield further expanded its international reach in 2016 when it launched its dental refining services in Australia. We currently have account executives that serve almost all Australian states, and launched services in New Zealand in 2021.


Today – Over 1 Million Customers

Today, Garfield caters to various industries and has served more than one million clients worldwide. We continually strive to improve our techniques and operations to bring you the best refining experience in the industry.