Inside Garfield


See what we do best.

We take pride in refining gold. Generations of experience and a company-wide mission for continual improvement have helped us perfect our precious metals refining techniques. Garfield utilizes a mix of cutting edge technology and industrial technology to best refine your gold and silver. We are always happy to talk about our process, so feel free to email or call with any questions.



Your precious metals are valuable, so don’t make the mistake of not knowing who you are dealing with! As a family-owned company, we take the time to get to know our customers. Got a question? Your dedicated account rep is always just a call away.


We take the safety of your material seriously. The entire Garfield facility, inside and out, is equipped with an advanced video surveillance system and is monitored 24 hours a day by a staff of on-site security personnel. All precious metal material is safely stored in a series of vaults and safes. Furthermore, as a last line of defense, all metal is insured in full.


We operate a variety of gas-fired and electric induction furnaces, ranging in size from small-lot to large tilt furnaces. Each of these units is periodically rebuilt from the ground up to ensure maximum precious metal refining efficiency.


Your time matters. Every fraction of an ounce counts. The better a refiner’s technology is, the more they can pay you, and the faster your material can be processed. This is why we have developed proprietary state-of-the-art technologies from our melts to our assays to our data management. Our technology operates seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry.


We often say: Refining is recycling. That mentality drives our strict adherence to all environmental codes and regulations. We are EPA certified and utilize a complete system of environmental controls. We pride ourselves on recycling more than just metal.