Gold Scams Prevention


Don’t let scammers get the better of you.

In an economy where we can never be quite certain of the value of our dollar, it’s crucial to be smart with the assets you already have in your pocket. When it comes to selling and buying gold, we want you to be sure that you’re putting your hard earned money in a place where you can see the ends justify the means.

With Garfield Refining’s Gold Scam Prevention Guide, you can learn general information about selling and buying gold, to help avoid common scams at the hands of individuals who may attempt to take advantage of a lack of knowledge of the gold buying market. Armed with the right information, you increase the chances of taking your dollar as far as possible.

Whether you’re looking for general ideas about selling and buying gold, or you’re interested in getting your hands dirty with the most valuable metal in the world, Garfield Refining is an experienced refiner dedicated to educating you and to helping ensure smart decisions are always made.

  • scam prevention certification

    Insist on seeing the certification

  • scam prevention stamped and minted

    Demand only stamped & minted precious metal products for small amounts

  • about sterling reputation

    Read what their customers have to say

  • scam prevention slabbing

    Analyze the encapsulation, also known as the “slabbing.” make sure the slabbing and the coin go together.

  • about our history

    Check your gold dealer’s history

  • scam prevention storage

    Be cautious about where the dealer claims to store your gold so they do not charge you storage fees

  • about social responsibility

    Are they involved in community service and assists law enforcement

  • scam prevention return policy

    Confirm there’s a return policy