Blog A Year in Review: Garfield Refining’s Best Blog Posts of 2021!

A Year in Review: Garfield Refining’s Best Blog Posts of 2021!

2022 is officially here, so to celebrate the new year, Garfield Refining is going to take a look back through 2021 to highlight some of the precious metals stories and articles that really shined!

In the News: Garfield Wins “Best Dental Refiner” for 11th Straight Year

Garfield started the new year right, having been named North America’s “Best Dental Scrap Refiner” for the 11th time! It goes without saying that this news was cause for celebration at Garfield. In the 11 years since this award category was created, Garfield has won every time! Check out our full blog post HERE, and the official press release HERE.

Are Olympic Gold Medals Made out of Real Gold?

You may be surprised to learn that Olympic gold medals are not 100% gold. Gold medals, actually, are made primarily from silver.

Like many people around the globe, Garfield Refining was watching the 2021 Summer Olympics very closely. So we set out to answer the question that had everyone scratching their heads: Are Olympic gold medals really made out of gold?

It turns out that they are, but not entirely. The medals are actually made mostly from silver. Though an Olympic gold medal is one of the world’s most prestigious awards, the melt value is only around $750! Learn more HERE.

Women Who Rock: Frida Kahlo

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Garfield Refining partnered with the Women’s Jewelry Association to highlight their March is Me campaign. In this special blog post, Garfield Refining explored the life of revolutionary artist Frida Kahlo, whose distinct style still informs jewelry trends around the world. Here’s a bit of what Garfield Refining has to say about Kahlo:

“Frida was a 20th-century painter, activist, and feminist known chiefly for her many self-portrait paintings inspired by her native Mexican culture. Though she died at just 47 years old in 1954, her popularity has soared since the 1970s, as many women, activists, and artists rediscovered her as an inspirational figure.”

Garfield is proud to honor Kahlo and all of the other truly inspirational women in the precious metals community! You can read more about her fascinating life and legacy HERE.

The Major Factors that Drive Gold Price

2021 was a rollercoaster year for the price of gold, as the value regularly rose and fell. To address this, Garfield Refining set out to explain some of the reasons for gold’s price fluctuations. Here’s a little snippet from our article:

“While these causes are numerous, we can pin down a few well-known things that influence the gold price. These factors include U.S. monetary policy, gold’s relation to the stock market, supply and demand, and political instability.”

Though the prices often changed throughout the year, gold remained an incredibly lucrative commodity. And as the prices near quarter-high levels, there’s never been a better time to refine your gold with Garfield! Check out the full article HERE.

In the News: What is the “Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin?”

Precious metals were all over the news in Autumn 2021, with one of the biggest stories involving an obscure financial proposal to solve the country’s current debt crisis. Here’s an excerpt from our article:

“The reasoning goes that the U.S. Mint could authorize the production of a platinum coin without any restriction on its face value. Most #MintTheCoin proponents focus on a $1 trillion value, but technically, it could be as high as $100 trillion.”

Ultimately the federal government didn’t go with the idea, but it was an interesting proposal nonetheless. Read the whole story HERE.

Garfield Refining has been refining precious metals since 1892. We’ll get you the best value for your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We also have the industry’s best customer service. Though we serve various industries, we excel in dental refining. For the past eleven years, Garfield has been named North America’s “Best Dental Refiner” by leading dentists!

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