A dentists and pieces of gold dental material

Why Dentists Use Precious Metals

Sep 04 2020

There are several reasons why a dentist may use precious metals, like gold or silver, instead of other materials like zirconia or porcelain. For example, it’s significantly harder for oral bacteria to grow on gold. Read Full Post

Sterling Silver vs. Fine Silver

Every piece of jewelry has a unique composition of materials. To define the purity of various precious metal jewelry, like gold and silver, jewelry makers use specific grading systems. These grading systems are meant to Read Full Post

Pieces of gold jewelry.

Yellow or Rose Gold: What Sells for More?

May 13 2020

When most people think of “gold”, they generally picture the traditional vibrant hue best associated with the California Gold Rush. Yet there are distinct shades of gold jewelry listed for sale, such as white or Read Full Post

Karat vs. Carat

May 12 2020

Karats and carats: they sound the same but are entirely unique. The karat (K) is the universal symbol used to signify the percentage of gold in jewelry. Carat (C), on the other hand, is used Read Full Post