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Buying and Selling Gold Bullion

Have you ever considered investing in gold bullion? As you may know, gold holds timeless value and can be a great addition to your portfolio. Read on to learn about different types of bullion and the pros and cons of each. We also have some pro tips for when you’re ready to sell.

Investing in Bullion

Gold has been a cherished commodity since ancient times, thanks to its intrinsic value and limited supply. This precious metal has long been renowned as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty. Historically, precious metals like gold and silver have retained their value and even increased in value during times of recession.

Investing in precious metals is a great way to diversify your portfolio, as they may react differently to market changes than stocks and bonds. This means that if one asset class is performing poorly, the other may perform well and provide a hedge to your portfolio.


Bullion is highly liquid and easy to sell. Gold and silver bullion products have a global appeal and can be easily traded internationally, providing a level of liquidity that is not always found in other investments. This can be especially beneficial in times of crisis when other investments may be difficult to sell.

American and Canadian silver coins and a Swiss silver bar

Risks and Rewards

Like any investment, precious metals come with their own risks and drawbacks. As with any commodity, the value of precious metals can fluctuate, and they do not provide dividend income like some stocks. Storage and insurance costs s are also important considerations to the overall cost of ownership.

Before investing in precious metals, do your research to fully understand the risks and potential rewards involved. Consult your financial advisor to make sure that investing in precious metals aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

If investing in bullion is the right move for you, you can buy coins, bars, or a combination of both. This is the fun part!  

Buying Gold Bars

Bullion bars are typically made of gold or silver, and are essentially just like purchasing a bar of pure precious metal. Most reputable producers make bars of 99.99% purity. Bars can be manufactured into a greater variety of sizes than coins, which are predominately one troy ounce, so there are more options when making your investment. 

Always make sure you have a secure place to store your bullion before purchasing!

Bullion Coins

Coins offer the most diversity in terms of the material and designs available. Although gold and silver are most popular, you can also buy platinum or even palladium coins.

Coins also have a strong collector market. Many coins have unique designs or commemorations, boosting their appeal and overall value. Rare coins are highly coveted by collectors, which in some cases increases demand and drives the value up even further.

Gold bullion and coins

Gold Coin Prices and Premiums

Coins generally have a higher premium compared to bullion bars, meaning that you’ll pay more per ounce for coins. This is because coins often have a higher numismatic value, which is determined by the coin’s quality, rarity, and demand. Bars, on the other hand, are typically purchased for their precious metal value alone, making them a good lower-cost option.

Selling Your Bullion

How do you know when you’re ready to sell? With the price of gold reaching record highs, now is a better time than ever to consider liquidating your investment. The spot price of gold and other precious metals is always changing, but gold has been hitting all-time highs lately.

Where to Sell Gold Bullion

If you have gold or silver bars to sell, an established refinery like Garfield will get you the highest and fastest payment. We’ll perform a melt and assay test to verify purity and determine the exact amount of precious metal in your item. We’ll then determine the value based on the market price of the gold or silver.

When selling your bullion, you’ll want to consider a few things: the type of product you have, and how quickly you’re looking to monetize it. If, for example, you have a highly sought-after rare coin and are in no rush to sell, you could list it online and wait to see who makes the highest offer. On the other hand, if your coin is not particularly rare or in high in numismatic value, selling to a refinery like Garfield is the best way to cash in on your coin and bullion bars as quickly as possible. We offer electronic payments in just a few days!

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell bullion, we’re here to help. We buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium products, and have been providing top-notch service for over 130 years. Check out our bullion services and give us a call today to learn more!

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