History of Gold

How did the Word ‘Gold’ get its Name?

May 04 2021

We’re precious metal experts at Garfield Refining, but we’re also word nerds. That’s why we got curious about the origin of the word “gold.” How did gold get its name? “Gold” derives from the Proto-Germanic Read Full Post

Why do we Value Gold so Much?

Apr 21 2021

Today, well into the 21st century, gold remains a popular investment. So, why is gold valuable, which is just one of the 118 elements on the Periodic Table? Why not choose another metal? It turns Read Full Post

California Gold Rush

Histories of Gold: The California Gold Rush

Dec 30 2020

The 19th century was nearly over: More than 300,000 people traveled to Northern California seeking their weight in gold. While some sailed around Chili or traversed the Isthmus of Panama, others journeyed across the Pacific Read Full Post

History of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Sep 29 2014

After taking a look at the stories behind America’s iconic Buffalo Gold Coin we’re now turning our attention to Canada’s Gold Maple Leaf! The Gold Maple Leaf If author Ian Fleming had made his character Auric Goldfinger Read Full Post

History of the Australian Gold Nugget

Feb 14 2014

We’ve delved into the stories behind America’s Gold Buffalo and Gold Eagle coins, and now we turn our attention to Australia’s iconic Gold Kangaroo. The Origin and Design of the Gold Kangaroo Introduced in 1986 by the Gold Corporation, a Read Full Post

The History of the Gold Eagle

Jan 30 2014

When you think of America, a number of things spring to mind: The stars and stripes of the flag, baseball, and Mom’s apple pie.  But out of all of the icons of American spirit, perhaps Read Full Post