How To Spot Fake Gold

Jan 31 2023

You get an old piece of jewelry passed down in your family and wonder, “Is this real gold?” There are plenty of metal alloys out there that appear like gold, so it’s a fair question Read Full Post

Who was the First to Discover Gold?

Jan 18 2022

The story of gold is almost as old as the story of civilization itself. Since the birth of history, cultures have embraced gold for its aesthetic appeal and inherent functionality. But who were the first Read Full Post

Is there Gold in the North Pole?

Dec 22 2021

The North Pole is the farthest northern point on the globe, and it is also the fabled home of Santa Clause and his merry team of workshop elves. Existing in a geographical region known as Read Full Post

The Top 3 Most Popular Gold Rush Ghost Towns

Oct 26 2021

The California Gold Rush of 1848-1855 captured Americans’ imagination and led to several boomtowns throughout the Western United States. But just as quickly as some of these towns grew, they were abandoned and became ghost Read Full Post


Oct 19 2021

If you own precious metals, they will rarely be in pure form. That’s because an overwhelming majority of precious metals scrap like jewelry, dental crowns, and luxury watches comprise of precious metal amalgam, such as Read Full Post