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What’s the best place to sell dental gold? Selling scrap to a reputable precious metals refinery will ensure you get the maximum payouts.

The Best Place to Sell Dental Gold

As with any commodity, the precious metal value in dental scrap is constantly fluctuating. But all in all, the value remains consistently high. And lately, gold has reached record highs ($2,184 per ounce as of March 2024). So, what’s the best place to sell dental gold? Selling dental scrap to a reputable precious metal refinery will guarantee the highest payouts!

Many of the alloys used to make dental fabrications contain gold or other precious metals like silver, platinum, or palladium. Precious metal refineries help dentists, dental assistants, DSOs, and dental laboratories sell their unused material to make extra revenue. Unlike cash buyers who typically employ the “weigh and pay” method, a reputable refinery will perform an assay to evaluate the exact composition of your dental scrap. This ensures that you’ll get the maximum value from all of the precious metals in your material.

When looking for the best place to sell dental gold, do your due diligence on the company.
Selling PFMs and gold and palladium crowns and bridges can earn dental practices a good amount of extra income.

Do Your Research

When looking for the best place to sell dental gold, do your due diligence vetting the company. Since dental scrap refining is often an overlooked aspect of dentistry, many dental practices aren’t too discerning about who they sell to.

Look at the company’s online reviews, website, and social media accounts to verify that they’re a reputable refinery. Legitimate vendors will already be established in the dental community, and most have been in business for decades.

Sell to a Real Refinery

With precious metal prices on the rise in recent years, there has been an upswing in the number and breadth of companies who are willing to buy dental scrap. Remember that it’s always best to sell dental material to a refinery that specializes specifically in precious metals.

Companies who dabble in dental scrap refining but aren’t fully dedicated to precious metals might be underpaying you for your material, as they likely have other business operations that they’re more heavily invested in.

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A photo taken of a Garfield refiner during the melting process at our Philadelphia refinery.

Watch Out For “Weigh and Pay”

Some companies will pay you cash on the spot for your dental scrap using the “weigh-and-pay” method. Red flag! This method basically entails weighing the material and guessing how much it’s worth. And while it can be tempting to go for the quick cash, “weigh and pay” transactions usually result in the seller losing out on a huge chunk of the material’s value. “Cash for gold” stores, pawn shops, and other online gold-buying services will ultimately sell the material to a refinery anyway, and end up keeping most of the profit.

On the other hand, a legitimate refinery (like Garfield) will perform a melt and assay test to determine the exact contents of your dental scrap. This ensures that you’ll get paid the most for your precious metals.

Try Garfield

Unlike other refineries, Garfield relies on the relationships we’ve built with dental professionals throughout our 132 years in business. Though we serve various industries, we excel in dental refining. We’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of dentists around the world, and have been voted North America’s “Best Dental Scrap Refiner” by Dentaltown Magazine for the past 13 years!

To get the most value for your dental scrap, download a label and start your shipment today.

If you’re an individual looking to sell a single cap or crown, learn more here.