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Selling Gold to Buy Gold Coins

Sell Your Gold for Gold Coins?
As the dollar remains weak and the stock market trades precariously on its highs, investors may be tempted to indulge in bullion coins as a safe, and potentially profitable, haven. Gold coins have remained strong draws for investment portfolio fodder, especially as a hedge against inflation and for those anticipating the demise of paper currency. Before one leaps into precious metal coinage, however, the inherent risks need to be evaluated, as well as one’s specific interests, be they exclusively investor-oriented or strictly collector-based.

A Balanced Gold Portfolio
Gold bullion and coinage is a significant part of the heavily traded commodities market, and as such, is subject to price swings contingent upon global mining, minting, and trading activity. Those swings can be dramatic at times, thus gold coins should be a component of a balanced portfolio, rather than the lone ingredient. Like any other investment vehicle, gold coins should be steadily purchased over time (dollar cost averaging) so as to avoid going “all in” at the top, and risk a painful ride down if/when prices drop. Also worth noting is that gold bullion coins are traded at a given spot price (often with a seller’s premium), rather than on face value, and adhere to generally recognized purity standards. Thus, you’re heirloom gold jewelry isn’t going to have an equal value to a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf should you chose to melt it down into coinage if its purity is below industry standard (99.9%+).

Gold Collector Coins
Gold bullion and collector-grade coins are available in a variety of offerings, with much inherent value coming by virtue of personal preference. Though gold coins have obvious (and subtle) stylistic nuances country-to-country, a 1 Troy Ounce gold coin is essentially equal to another 1 Troy Ounce gold coin from purely a precious metal investor’s perspective. For numismatist and collectors, design aesthetics will be a primary factor in which gold coins to acquire.

Arm Yourself with Information & Deal with Trusted Vendors
In addition to sundry market-related risks associated with gold bullion coin trading, there is the presence of countless unscrupulous opportunists in the marketplace, looking to exploit the unsuspecting and uninformed. Potential buyers should thoroughly research gold coin dealers as much as the coins they’re interested in, and find a trusted vendor to deal with. Bargain shopping and blowout sales are not parts of the gold bullion coinage buying equation … honesty, integrity, and seller’s reputation are. Go with the best, and rest easy that you will get what you pay for. Gold coins are currently riding a massive wave of popularity, and global demand is outpacing supply. Therefore, whatever your buying interests are for gold coins, it is imperative to do sufficient due diligence so that you can obtain the desired coins, and subsequently enjoy your purchase. In the case of precious metal coins, information is as good as gold.