Garfield Refining has provided pawnbrokers with dependable refining services for over a century. Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures the maximum return on scrap gold, silver, and platinum. Give us a call to discuss how we can help with your refining needs.

How To Sell Your Gold & Precious Metals

A comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your pawned gold refining transactions

Garfield Refining has established long-standing relationships with both Individual pawnbrokers and pawnshop businesses throughout its over 125-year history. Brokers trust Garfield to offer the maximum return on pawn gold and silver presented exchange for secured loans to pawnshop patrons.

What to Sell

Brokers may sell pawnshop gold in a myriad of forms to Garfield and expect to receive a sizeable return on their lots. Items such as gold jewelry, coins, or scrap pawn silver can be sold, regardless of condition. Garfield possesses both the technology and skilled workers capable of accurately separating precious metals from waste material prior to processing in our assay laboratories where the value of pawnbroker gold can be determined. This painstaking gold refining process ensures that pawnbrokers receive the highest possible yield on all gold and precious metals submitted.

When to Sell

The gold selling marketplace is experiencing a renaissance. With the price of gold soaring to its highest levels in decades, the market is primed to sell pawnbrokered gold. Amounts of gold less than a single ounce can ensure a substantial profit. Garfield recommends that pawn brokers sell accumulated lots of gold scrap at least four to five times annually. This strategy known as “averaging” allows pawn professionals to capitalize on spikes in the market during the course of a given year.

Why Garfield

For over a century, Garfield has fostered a sense of trust between their staff of seasoned professionals and individual pawnbrokers and community pawn shops. Pawnbrokers may submit their gold and expect to see their materials evaluated and receive payment within 24 hours. Additionally, an itemized valuation report accompanies all transactions, allowing pawnbrokers to see which portions of their lot rendered the highest return -- a valuable piece of information to have when selling future lots of pawned gold.

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