Blog Why Sell Your Dental Gold to a Refinery?

Why Sell Your Dental Gold to a Refinery?

How do you handle your dental scrap disposal? When your practice or lab is ready to recycle, it’s vital to get the best value for the palladium and gold in your dental bridges, crowns, and PFMs.

Cash for Gold

Testing & Paying

Most cash-for-gold stores, gold buyers, and online gold-selling services don’t actually refine your gold. The reason they claim to offer quick “evaluations” is that they’re just estimating your material’s value.

Most cash-for-gold businesses use something called the “weigh-and-pay” method. Gold experts place your materials on a scale and value them at an extremely conservative estimate.

This “on-the-spot” payment inevitably results in a lower payout – sometimes cents on the dollar. The problem with “weigh-and-pay” and other common processes like “pay-per-crown” is that they don’t account for varying amounts of gold or palladium in each item.


Since cash-for-gold businesses can’t refine and test dental bridges, gold crowns, or PFMs for precious-metal content, they must sell your dental scrap to a refinery to get any value out of it. This cuts into your profits and puts what would’ve been additional income for you into their pockets.


Precious metal refineries can use one of many scientific methods to determine the value of your dental scrap. Some refineries, including Garfield, perform an industry-accepted melt and assay. Extracting precious-metal content in this way ensures a proper evaluation, whereas the bulk payment options employed by cash-for-gold stores and gold buyers guesstimate value.

After the assay process is complete, a trustworthy refinery will give you a copy of the report, which details the raw breakdown of gold and other precious metals in your shipment.

More than 130 Years of Satisfied Dentists

Garfield Refining has been voted Dentaltown Magazine’s “Best Scrap Refiner” for the past 11 years. When you submit a refining order, one of our account executives will update you at every step of the process. We’re always here to assist you—from the time your shipment arrives to the moment we deliver your payment offer and assay report.

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