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Deciding which dental scrap refiner to sell your dental gold & dental scrap to can be time consuming. We've made the decision easier for you. Guaranteeing higher payments, quick turnaround, and the security of your values is what has made us the winner for Best Dental Refiner, from Dentaltown Magazine, for 7 consecutive years.

2017 Winner for Best Dental Refiner

Proud Winner of the 2017 Dentaltown Magazine Townie Choice Award for Best Refiner:

Philadelphia, PA – December 12, 2017 – Garfield Refining Company is honored to announce that it has received its seventh Townie Choice Award ® in a row for its precious metals refining solutions.  Voted nationwide by dentists, this incredible honor exemplifies Garfield Refining’s commitment to being the best dental scrap refiner through its first class customer service, competitive dental scrap payouts, and staying attuned to cutting-edge industry knowledge. 

“I’ve done business with Garfield over the years and wouldn’t use any other refinery,” said Dr. Diane S., DMD. “The company and staff are wonderful, the prices paid are excellent, and their process is streamlined” 

Since 2003, the Townie Choice Awards have been given annually to recognize excellence in the field of dentistry, as well as specialized and technological services that help advance the dental industry. The awards are presented by Farran Media’s Dentaltown Magazine, an industry publication that keeps members of the dental community informed about products and innovations designed to help further their practice. Dentaltown readers voted in over 100 categories to give their nod to services and products recognized among the top, professional’s choice.

Garfield Refining has won the award each year since its inception in 2011. Having been in business for over 120 years and, throughout its history, Garfield Refining has served the dental community by recovering precious metals from dental scrap, such as discarded fillings, clasps, inlays, bridge work, and other metal extractions. Garfield Refining’s in-house team of industry experts use the latest in refining equipment and technologies to separate gold, palladium, and other precious metals from dental scrap. These high-tech techniques allow Garfield Refining to offer professionals the highest possible return on recovered materials.

“Garfield Refining is extremely proud, once again, to be recognized for this award. ” said Morgan Kerrissey, President of Garfield Refining Company. “Even with well over a century of servicing the dental industry, we challenge ourselves to build on that legacy year in and year out-- and winning this award seven years running is the ultimate testament to that hard work. We accept this award with gratitude and humility, knowing that our commitment to excellence means we always have more room to improve. Thank you to our voters, and to all of our customers for their unyielding dedication. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the future!”

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