Golden Roots

Beautifying Philly, 1 Tree at a Time

Garfield Refining will be planting trees in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. throughout the year. We’ll be partnering with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTFP), a nonprofit dedicated to beautifying neighborhoods in Pennsylvania.

On a global scale, trees absorb carbon dioxide or CO2, a significant contributor to climate change. This helps protect our atmosphere and reduces the adverse effects of pollution on our planet. Trees also purify other harmful pollutants, like sulfur dioxide, from the air we breathe every day! 

However, these global benefits aren’t the only reason Garfield is planting trees. In urban environments like Philadelphia, trees reduce urban heat, which results in a 10-20% reduction in heating and cooling costs. Trees also act as natural barriers to stormwater runoff, which reduces pollution in our waterways. 

Garfield Refining is committed to contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. Our facility filters 99.9% of harmful particulate matter from the air and participates in annual community cleanups and tree planting events. Garfield Refining knows that by supporting our community and great organizations like TTFP, we can help make the world we live in a more beautiful place.

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