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Deciding which refinery to sell your gold jewelry and other precious metals to can be time-consuming. Garfield Refining is here to make your decision easier. Our facility provides exceptional security for your jewelry scrap, and we deliver the highest payments, quickest turnaround, and best customer service in the industry.

How to Sell Scrap Jewelry & Precious Metals

We supply a dependable service that enables our customers to sell jewelry easily and confidently. Whether you're liquidating outdated inventory or salvaging value from bench sweeps, we're here to provide you with the trusted precious metals refining you need.

How Do I Sell My Used Jewelry?
Garfield Refining buys all used gold, gold-filled, platinum, and silver jewelry for the fair market value of precious-metal content only. We don't appraise jewelry on its artistry, brand, or vintage.

1. Download your free shipping label HERE.
2. Store your jewelry in a well-sealed plastic bag.
3. Put the bag of scrap in a box and close it with packing tape.
4. Print and fasten the prepaid shipping label to the top of the box.
5. Ship your enclosed materials to us.

If you need shipping materials, please contact us at 800-523-0968; we can send you complimentary containers and boxes.

What Jewelry Should I Sell?

Some of the most common items we refine include engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, chains, and watches. To ensure that you're getting the most out of your materials, Garfield also accepts precious metals found in bench sweeps as well as casting grains, plates, sprues, wires, and sheets.

If your jewelry is embellished with stones, make sure to inform us before sending a shipment; we provide free stone removal upon request. Call 800-523-0968 to learn more.

Download a Free and Insured Shipping Label HERE

How Often Should I Refine?

While there's no standard number of shipments that jewelers should send annually, many of our customers try to maximize their revenue by refining several times a year. Every shipment we receive is given a barcode unique to your customer ID, guaranteeing an honest evaluation and the greatest payout for your scrap jewelry.

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Garfield has been a trusted jewelry buyer for more than a century. Since we started refining, we’ve helped over 500,000 customers sell their used gold and other precious metals!

If you have questions about our refining process or need assistance, contact our customer support team.

Need Shipping Materials? Contact us at 800-523-0968

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