Blog Women who Rock: Frida Kahlo

Women who Rock: Frida Kahlo

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) is celebrating women in the jewelry industry this month with its “March is Me” campaign. Garfield is a proud WJA member, and we’re participating in the campaign by highlighting the many contributions of women in the jewelry industry.

In this segment of Women who Rock, we’re focusing on Frida Kahlo, the hugely influential Mexican painter and fashionista. Frida was a 20th-century painter, activist, and feminist known chiefly for her many self-portrait paintings inspired by her native Mexican culture. Though she died at just 47 years old in 1954, her popularity has soared since the 1970s, as many women, activists, and artists rediscovered her as an inspirational figure.

A distinct fashion style

A portrait of Frida Kahlo from 1932
A portrait of Frida from 1932. Source: Frida Kahlo Museum.

Frida is known for many things, such as her art and political leanings, but she’s also known for her distinct fashion and jewelry style. In many photographs and self-portraits, Frida is seen wearing colorful and sometimes outlandish jewelry that historians say was a window into her identity.

Frida often wore pre-Columbian beads and carved jewelry pieces that were indigenous to Mexico. But she also wore delicate Spanish-Portuguese types of jewelry, like long, dangling earrings. In one famous picture, Frida wears earrings that look like little hands hanging down – a gift from Picasso.

Frida’s style still inspires

Jewelry and fashion were part of who Frida was, and it’s also part of the legacy she’s left. According to one Frida biography, the artist used to scour thrift shops looking for costume jewelry – and then make it look fabulous.

Frida has inspired many jewelry designers. A recent New York Times article said there has been a proliferation of jewelry on Etsy and other marketplaces with the artist’s style or even with her likeness on it.

Support women in jewelry

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