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My favorite thing about working at Garfield is the freedom to travel on a regular basis. You also can’t beat the security of a 130-year-old family-owned American company!

The best advice I can give is to save all metals, refine on a regular basis, and have your metals assayed to maximize the value by recovering all the precious metals.

At Garfield, we understand you don’t have extra time to decide on a dental scrap recycling vendor, so we make the choice easy. Voted Best Dental Scrap Refiner for 11 years straight, contact me today to schedule a free pick up for your scrap.

Andrew Bryer

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Fill out the form or call me and we can schedule a free pickup of your dental scrap, or I can send you a free shipping label if you’d prefer to send it directly to the refinery.


Once your shipment is sent and is in transit, it only takes 3-4 business days for your material to be processed.

high payments

After your dental scrap has been processed and analyzed, we can choose a payment option that is most convenient for you. We even pay cash!

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