Black Box Rewards

Recycling shouldn’t be a hassle. Our Black Box Rewards Program makes recycling your dental gold and dental scrap a breeze. Sign up, and we’ll automatically send free shipping materials to your office each time you’re ready to recycle. Best of all, you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards like gift cards for your office, drink tumblers, and more. 

See how it feels to be a preferred Garfield customer.

Read more about rewards below.

Exclusive Bonuses, Rewards, and Automated Contactless Shipping for Dentists!

black box requests

BB Rewards Page


Request Box & Container

Package Your Scrap


Enter your information above to receive your first Garfield Black Box.

Place your collected scrap into the container provided and tape it closed.

Place FedEx label on the outside. (Cover the old label)

Visit FedEx or call 1.800.463.3339 to schedule an in-office pickup.

Helpful Tips:

  • Write down the tracking number on your label to track your shipment.
  • Please do not include liquids.
  • We also accept sweeps and other material! Call us to get larger shipping materials.