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The Hidden Value in Your Post-Cremation Metals

Unlocking the value of your post-cremation metals starts with knowing what you have and what it’s worth. Post-cremation metals fall into two categories: base metals and precious metals. Base metals, such as cobalt and titanium, are often found in larger implants like artificial hips and are relatively low in recycling value.

On the other hand, while the precious metals found in dental scrap comprise a smaller percentage of the weight; they are far more valuable. For example, a hundred pounds of base metal materials could be valued at as little as $200. In contrast, only a half-pound of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, could fetch upwards of $6,000.

While recycling all of your post-cremation metals is essential, the precious-metal material in dental scrap can net far higher returns, which our clients have used to upgrade their equipment, cover bonuses, or donated to charity.

Most of the precious metals content in post-cremation materials lies in dental material, such as crowns and implants. The best way for crematories to realize the highest returns is to recycle their post-cremation metals with refineries specializing in dental metal capture. While many refineries in the US and abroad refine dental material, it makes sense to do business with the refinery with the best reputation in the dental industry. Garfield Refining is the only refinery to be celebrated as North America’s Best Dental Scrap Refiner, winning the award the last 12 years in a row.

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