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How do I recycle?

The process is actually very simple. Once you contact one of our crematory experts, we’ll have a brief conversation before sending you a complimentary drum that you can use to store and ship the metal.

Once you’ve loaded the drum, attach the label provided and call for a pickup at (800) 523-0968 or fill out this form.

How much does post-cremation recycling cost?

Recycling with Garfield doesn't cost crematories anything. We provide customers with a complimentary collection drum and a fully insured shipping label for your materials. When we are done refining the metals, we'll send a report with a breakdown of the precious metals and your compensation.

What can I do with the proceeds from post-cremation recycling?

Many of our customers have used the earnings to donate more to charity, buy new equipment, or make facility improvements.

Why should I recycle post-cremation metals?

Recycling helps our industry be more eco-friendly. Just as paper and plastic are less hazardous when recycled, the same is true for post-cremation metals. Certain metals, like silver, can even leach into the ground and pollute fresh water sources. It’s never advised to bury post-cremation metals.

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