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"Thank you Garfield! You have made this process of selling my gold so very pleasant and easy! I know my Dad was quite happy when he dealt with you, so I was confident I would have a great experience too. But your personal attention exceeded my expectations! I will recommend Garfield Refining to my friends for sure!" Gayle from S. Berwick, ME.

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Our Referral Program is easy!

Enroll online (below), and select how many referral kits you desire. In a few days you will have all the materials you need, including bar-coded referral labels and mailers that you can distribute to any of your friends or family. Any shipment that comes to us with your label attached or included will accrue 5% of the processed value of that shipment directly to your account.  Tell as many friends as you like! (This program is designed for private individuals only, and excludes all gold buying businesses).  


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