Sell Dental Gold & Dental Scrap

Deciding which dental scrap refiner to sell your dental gold & dental scrap to can be time consuming. We've made the decision easier for you. Guaranteeing higher payments, quick turnaround, and the security of your values is what has made us the winner for Best Dental Refiner, from Dentaltown Magazine, for 7 consecutive years.

Patient Referral Program for Dental Scrap

Patient Referral Program for Dental Scrap

Have you noticed more of your patients asking how to sell their dental scrap? Provide them with a resale option they can trust-- Garfield Refining's Patient Referral Program. It's cost free, hassle free, and easy to administer. Join the thousands of dentists across the country already participating in a program that works for everybody! 

  1. Simply order a packet of mailers below.
  2. Distribute them to your patients.
  3. We handle the rest by refining their dental scrap!

For your participation you will receive a free silver coin after the fifth returned mailer, as well as a 10% bonus on all processed material.  Order now, or give us a call to learn more about what this program can do for you and your patients.

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