Private Sellers

"Thank you Garfield! You have made this process of selling my gold so very pleasant and easy! I know my Dad was quite happy when he dealt with you, so I was confident I would have a great experience too. But your personal attention exceeded my expectations! I will recommend Garfield Refining to my friends for sure!" Gayle from S. Berwick, ME.

Private Shipping Information

Your precious metals are valuable, so we urge all of our customers to ship their materials safely and securely.

We provide free shipping envelopes that are suitable for any smaller lot shipments. These mailers are Business Reply USPS and are used by a majority of our customers. Although this classification of mailer is free for you it is not insured or trackable. Feel free to ship however you feel most comfortable.


Order Free Mailer
  1. Request a transaction kit online and we will mail it to you!
  2. Call us directly and we can send it to you.

Packing your shipment safely and securely:
  1. Use sturdy shipping materials (boxes are suggested).
  2. Download and include our Payment Preference form. This form allows you to provide your contact information, identify your materials, and specify payment instructions. Adding your email will allow for an automated Shipment Arrived email.
  3. Properly package your materials. Ensure metal can’t become loose or pop out.
  4. Keep a copy of your Payment Preference form.

Ship Materials

Always be sure to keep any appropriate shipping records.  We will alert you via email once your shipment arrives.

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