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"Thank you Garfield! You have made this process of selling my gold so very pleasant and easy! I know my Dad was quite happy when he dealt with you, so I was confident I would have a great experience too. But your personal attention exceeded my expectations! I will recommend Garfield Refining to my friends for sure!" Gayle from S. Berwick, ME.

How to Sell Your Gold, Silver, & Other Precious Metals

Selling your gold, silver, and other precious metals can be confusing and stressful-- that's why it's so important to deal with a gold buyer you can trust. Garfield Refining has been satisfying customers with scrap gold for sale for over 125 years, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. This track record isn't by accident: we pay more than our competitors, and we offer better customer service. Give us a call, and sell your gold online with Garfield Refining!

What to Sell
Private sellers can look to Garfield to sell scrap gold and other precious metals including silver, platinum, and palladium. Garfield accepts silver and gold coins, jewelry, and even discarded gold dental matter from private sellers. There is no minimum as to the amount a seller can ship to Garfield at any one time. All scrap gold that private sellers present to Garfield is sent to our assay laboratories where scrap gold is separated from any non-precious metals. From there, our team of experts examine the gold, ensuring that each private seller receives the highest possible return on his or her submission.

When to Sell
Private individuals interested in selling scrap gold can sell as much or as little of their gold and precious metals at any one time. Garfield places no minimum on the amount of scrap gold that private sellers can send and sell.  Current gold market prices are near an all-time high, which is a boon to private sellers hoping to transform unused or unwanted jewelry and coins into a tidy profit. Private sellers receive payment based on the current day’s market prices at the time their shipment is received. Multiple transactions and sales spread throughout the year can help individuals who choose to sell scrap gold increase their chances of consistently higher returns on their lots.

Why Garfield
In addition to having built solid, lasting partnerships with specific industries, Garfield also extends the same level of expertise and care to each private gold seller, conducting transactions with sensitivity to confidentiality and turnaround time. To help educate private sellers on the transaction process, Garfield offers kits and resources detailing how to sell gold to a refinery, ensuring that individuals can sell their scrap gold with confidence.  By allowing the seller to deal directly without any brokers receiving a portion of their return, Garfield ensures that private sellers are paid the highest amount possible for their scrap gold.

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