Deciding which jewelry scrap refiner to sell your gold jewelry & jewelry scrap to can be time consuming. We've made the decision easier for you. Guaranteeing higher payments, quick turnaround, and the security of your values is what has made us the top refining choice by jewelers nationwide!

Gold Jewelry & Precious Metals Scrap for Jewlery Refining

How to Sell Jewelry Gold & Precious Metals

A comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your gold jewelry scrap & other precious metals

For over 125 years, Garfield has been recognized as one of the most trusted jewelry scrap refiners nationwide. By maintaining meticulous standards and staying on the cutting edge of jewelry scrap technology and techniques, we have provided the jeweler community with the highest level of service in all aspects of the jewelry refining process. Whether your liquidating outdated inventory or salvaging value from bench sweeps, we are here to provide you with the trusted precious metals refining you need!



What Precious Metals Jewelry to Sell

Garfield possesses a staff of skilled workers trained in the art of smelting gold jewelry. As a result; jewelers interested in recycling gold jewelry, jewelry scrap, and bench sweeps may do so with confidence. In addition to working with gold, platinum, and other precious metals, Garfield is capable of refining silver jewelry and jewelry components such as chains, wires, sheets, and casting grains. Even flakes of gold from bench sweeps, grindings, shavings, and polishings can be sold and refined.

*We are now offering Free Stone Removal, upon request, as part of our services for Customers. Start your free stone removal by calling 1-800-523-0968  

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When to Sell Your Precious Metals Jewelry

There is no minimum amount of gold that jewelers may submit for assay at any one time. Even one ounce of scrap gold can offer a sizeable return. Pieces of jewelry that may not be en vogue with customers may yield a far higher return once having undergone the jewelry smelting process, granting the jeweler the highest possible market value for their repurposed scrap gold. Multiple transactions of varying sizes may be submitted to Garfield throughout the year, allowing jewelers to increase their profits by “averaging” and allowing them to benefit from higher gold market values at given intervals.


Why Sell Your Precious Metals Jewelry to Garfield

Garfield has established a reputation as a trusted leader in the field of gold refining. For over a century, we have provided jewelers with an opportunity to eliminate brokers from the gold selling and refining process, ensuring the highest amount possible on all gold dealers transactions. Our gold and gold filled jewelry refining process sees all shipments processed through our high-tech assay laboratory to determine the maximum value of gold submitted. Our attention to detail is met with both speed and accuracy, typically delivering payment for rendered gold within 24 hours of receipt and evaluation.

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