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We're giving away free CE Credits along with your payment when you refine your precious metal scrap, old crowns and bridges, and PFMs today through August 31st, 2018!

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*Scrap Value Must Exceed $200. Offer Valid Until 12/31/2018. Limit One Per Customer. Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Offers.

About Garfield Refining Company

Since 2011, Garfield Refining has been voted as North America's ‘Best Dental Refiner’ by Dentists. Having been in business for over 120 years, Garfield Refining has served the dental community by recovering precious metals from dental scrap. Garfield accepts a wide array of dental scrap, such as; gold crowns, discarded fillings, clasps, inlays, bridge work, and other metal extractions. Garfield Refining’s in-house team of industry experts use the latest in refining equipment and technologies to separate gold, palladium, and other precious metals from dental scrap. These high-tech techniques allow Garfield Refining to offer dental professionals the highest possible return on recovered materials.

“It’s both gratifying and humbling to have customers not only choose to do business with us, but also take the time to give us this type of recognition.” said Morgan Kerrissey, President of Garfield Refining Company. “Winning this award for the seventh year in a row is the ultimate testament to our consistent dedication to improving our customer’s refining experience – and inspires us to deliver even more this coming year!”