Precious Metals Buyers and Dealers need a refiner they can trust. Garfield Refining provides industry setting payouts and elite customer service. Fast turnarounds for your Gold and Silver gets your money back to work quickly. Dedicated account reps help customize your service to maximize your return and your satisfaction.

Dealer Refining Guide

A comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your gold refining transactions

For over 125 years, Garfield Refining has forged lasting business relationships with a variety of gold dealers online, as well as brick-and-mortar gold and platinum dealers around the globe.  Profit is the lifeblood of a gold dealer’s business and Garfield has established a bond of trust with these individuals. Garfield’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost gold buyers and refiners means that reputable silver and gold dealers can expect the highest possible return on all precious metals submitted.

What to Sell

Gold, platinum, and palladium dealers may sell their precious metals to Garfield, armed with the knowledge that they will receive a substantial return on their wares. Garfield accepts gold in any number of forms, including gold coins, broken or intact gold or silver jewelry, scrap or bullion. The condition of the gold piece does not matter, as Garfield’s combination of skilled workers and up-to-the-minute technology make it possible to accurately separate gold and other precious metals from waste material.

When to Sell

Gold is timeless and while it’s value may fluctuate, it will always offer a sizeable return on a buyer’s initial investment. To ensure the highest possible yields, Garfield recommends that gold dealers adhere to a strategy of “averaging” -- selling their gold, silver, palladium, and other precious metals in lots of varying size, anywhere from four to five times each year. This practice allows dealers to benefit from periodic spikes within the gold market throughout the year.

Why Garfield

Garfield has established a reputation built on trust, extending over a century of experience and excellence to the international community of gold dealers. Dealers may submit their gold bullion and other precious metals for evaluation and expect to receive payment within 24 hours of evaluation and receipt. All materials are assayed at Garfield’s on-site laboratory by a qualified team of professionals. In turn, dealers can expect to receive prompt payment, accompanied by an itemized valuation report which grants gold dealers insight into the most valuable pieces within their lots that offered the highest return. It’s Garfield’s reputation for prompt, accurate service and attentiveness to gold dealers’ needs that has marked them as a reputable refiner with their customers’ best business interests at heart.

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